Tutoring vs. Educational Enrichment

When it comes to choosing a supplement to your child’s education, you want what is best for your child. When you think of educational help after school, you typically think of tutoring. However, depending on you and your child’s needs, enrichment may actually be the best option for your family.

The choice on how to supplement your child’s education is an important one. Let A Grade Ahead help make it an easy one!

Advanced Curriculum

With a state-of-the-art curriculum, aligned with your child’s school’s curriculum, your child is provided with materials that have been researched, written, and reviewed for the appropriate grade. Your child will see advanced topics each week so that he or she can get ahead of the class.

Cost Savings

Traditional tutoring can cost around $85 an hour for an experienced tutor. And you are often responsible for providing all the materials needed, which means you must know exactly how your child is struggling in order to suggest which topics to focus on. In addition, homework, or extra materials, cost even more time and money since tutoring is based on the individual student, not an expertly curriculum.

An enrichment program, such as A Grade Ahead, has a more manageable cost. At around $12 per week, A Grade Ahead provides your child with an in-depth lesson and homework materials, as well as regular progress updates of how your student is advancing.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Unlike traditional tutoring, A Grade Ahead focuses on advancing your child beyond his or her current academic status. By focusing efforts on critical thinking and problem-solving sklls in our worksheets, A Grade Ahead gives students the skills and practice they need to reach a higher academic standard. A Grade Ahead strives to create a community of students who are confident and capable learners so that they can succeed in school and in life.

Home Delivery

Our worksheets are conveniently delivered to your home each month. Each monthly delivery has everything you need to help your child succeed: lessons, worksheets, and even answers with helpful explanations! You never have to leave your house like you would for tutoring programs or other academic classes.

Register for our Enrichment at Home program, and see the difference of enrichment versus tutoring for yourself!

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