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Why Us? We Offer the Best At-Home Enrichment Program

At A Grade Ahead, not only will you see results, but your child will feel empowered to succeed! A Grade Ahead is different than other online tutoring and enrichment programs. Our students are constantly building on their skills with fewer monotonous drills and more real-world situations. Most of all, your child will enjoy completing A Grade Ahead worksheets and activities because we show students that learning can be fun, challenging, and rewarding.

New Topics Introduced and Mastered Each Week

Unlike traditional tutoring programs, A Grade Ahead’s curriculum and worksheets make sure your child keeps up and stays ahead. Your child will be constantly challenged by learning a new topic each week. The worksheets will help reinforce the lessons so your child masters the weekly topic. These topics are aligned to the national standards, so they are similar to what your child will see in his or her school.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills with Interactive Activities

At A Grade Ahead, our main focus is academic enrichment to advance your child beyond skills taught in school. By focusing efforts on critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, we give students the skills and practice they need to reach a higher academic standard. We strive to create a community of students who are confident and capable learners so that they can succeed in school and in life.

Parent-Led with Support from A Grade Ahead

Our lessons and worksheets are delivered directly to your doorstep. You will be given everything you need to help your child succeed: a lesson, example problems and answers, as well as homework. You and your child can complete the work on your time and following your schedule. Our Enrichment at Home staff are happy to help you find the right schedule for you and your child. Flexibility and convenience are important to our Enrichment at Home program families!