Build Your Own Program

Whether your child is ahead of his or her peers or has some catching up to do, the Enrichment at Home program allows you to select the lessons your child will receive.


Icon - build your own program for your child's learning needs

Visit our Math or English web pages and choose the grade you want to review. You will find our curriculum calendar details for that grade on the right-hand side. By reviewing the calendar, you can look at each month’s topics and decide what is best for your child.

When registering, you can specify which month you want to receive. If your student is on pace with his or her peers, simply register, and we will send you the current month of curriculum. We can always make adjustments if the work is too hard or too easy.

Don’t forget, your child can begin the curriculum at any time throughout the year!

Sample of curriculum schedule - "check this side (left) to see what the current month is; check this side (right) to see what topics are covered that month"

Need extra help? Start a few months back from the current month.

Already mastered some concepts? Start a few months ahead of the current month.

No preference or unsure where to start in our curriculum? We will start you in the current month — this is what the majority of our students begin. If the activities are too difficult or too easy, we can adjust the next month.