Our Promises for Educational Enrichment

At A Grade Ahead, we care about your child’s success. We believe that education is imperative to future success in life, and our goal is to ensure your child follows this path with us. Our programs will move your child to the top of the class, but we hope that we don’t stop there: we want your child to be the doctor, engineer, lawyer, or professional that he or she wishes to be. We want to work with you to open doors for your child.

Here are our promises to you:

  • Curriculum. We invest in our programs and services to provide challenging, up-to-date curricula that will enable your child to reach the highest standards of learning.
  • Community. We provide a learning community that embraces your family and is bound by common values, goals, and aspirations. As your educational partner, we will do everything we can to help you support your young learners.
  • Confidence. We will meet your children at their level and work to build their self-esteem, as well as their skills.
  • Success. Our goal is to set your child up for success in the future. We believe your child’s early years of school set the foundation for his or her future success. We deliver the programs and services that create a passion for learning and a sense of intellectual competence that propels your child to aim higher and higher.