6th Grade English Worksheets

Empower young minds with strong foundations.

A Grade Ahead’s 6th grade Enrichment at Home English worksheets polish student grammar skills and forms a foundation for strong comprehension and writing abilities. Beyond the enrichment curriculum concepts, the students in our Enrichment at Home program will also strengthen English language skills, such as:

  • Sentence shaping
  • Thought articulation
  • Reading awareness

6th Grade English students receive an extensive curriculum, composed of hands-on experience and practice.

Don’t forget, your child can begin the curriculum at any time throughout the year. Start learning today!


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Month 1
Realistic fiction; Parts of speech; Comprehension elements
Month 2
Historical, mystery and science fiction; Subject verb agreement; Verbs
Month 3
Fantasy; Transitive/Intransitive verbs; Themes; Figurative language; Pronoun shift; Compare and contrast
Month 4
Myths, horror, and legends; Advanced pronouns; Prose constructed response; Punctuation
Month 5
Fables; Clauses and sentence types; Advanced punctuation
Month 6
Nonfiction; Paraphrasing; Sentences; Prepositional and appositive phrases
Month 7
Speeches; Thesis statements/topics; Sentences/Body paragraphs; Fact/Opinion
Month 8
Essays; Auto and biographies; Writing a research paper; Compare/Contrast
Test Prep Month
Standardized test preparation
Month 9
Analogies; Writing a story; Sensory language
Month 10
Poetry; Connotation/Denotation
Month 11
Application and development