Our Founders: Meenal and Parag Singhal

Like most parents, A Grade Ahead’s founders, Meenal and Parag Singhal, wanted to ensure that they gave their children the best possible future. They believed that the way to achieve success was to provide a strong foundation in academic experience.

In 2001, when Parag and Meenal looked to supplement their son Akshat’s public school education with an educational enrichment program, they were not satisfied with the available options. They did not want an after-school program with monotonous drills. They were looking for a program that promoted analytical thinking and problem solving. Not finding the right answer, the Singhals decided to create their own worksheets and materials. Soon, friends and family began asking if they could also use the material for their children.

While still working full-time jobs, the couple began mailing worksheets around the nation and created a small operation in their basement to fulfill the requests. Realizing there was an untapped need, Parag quit his job to focus on creating the type of educational enrichment program he and his wife (and many others) wanted.

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