A Progressive Path to Success


As a parent, you are your children’s number one champion. There is no one better positioned to provide them with guidance when it comes to a supplemental, after-school program, but we also know that you may want some additional help!

Enrichment at Home understands that and provides all of the tools you need to challenge your children. Including virtual classes (available as as add-on service).

The Enrichment at Home program challenges students with new topics every week so that their work does not become repetitive. (Which can be a huge confidence boost!)

A Grade Ahead Enrichment at Home’s curriculum is carefully crafted and second-to-none. More than 90% of the parents we survey say that they love our curriculum, and that we are constantly updating it to align with the national standards.

Every weekly lesson is reinforced with up to four days of practice.



Receive Monthly Packet

Each month we will ship you a booklet that includes weekly lessons, practice questions, and answer keys.


Learn Weekly Lesson

Spend 10-15 minutes walking through the lesson with your younger student(s). Older students are usually able to work through lessons independently. Want additional support for your students? Add-on virtual classes!


Complete Homework

Set a schedule for your student to complete up to 4 days of homework each week. Homework should take the student between 20 and 30 minutes per assignment.


Check Progress

Blended learning students have reports for parents to view at online.agradeahead.com. Enter scores on the Parent Portal to generate charts for traditional, pencil and paper students.


Repeat and Succeed

Repeat the process each week and watch your children soar as they work through Enrichment at Home’s unparalleled curriculum that builds confidence and skills incrementally.


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