Answers to Your Questions About Enrichment at Home

A Grade Ahead is an enrichment program with curriculum for pre-kindergarten through high school students. A Grade Ahead’s curriculum is carefully crafted by our own education experts to align with and exceed national education standards. Students in our program learn not only fundamental skills, but also how to apply that knowledge to real-world situations.

Each week, there is a lesson to learn and parents are provided with examples and teaching tips to help explain the lesson. Four days of worksheets help solidify the lesson. An answer key is provided at the end of each week and includes any necessary explanations for each problem. You can expect to get a total of 16 days of homework per month.

A Grade Ahead mails curriculum directly to your home via the postal service on a monthly basis. Packages can be expected to reach the home around the first of each month.

In math, students work on numerical drills, which help students master quick math facts and critical foundational skills. You and your student will then go through some example problems together based on the weekly lesson. Your student will complete worksheets to help solidify and understand the lesson of the week. The homework includes word problems to help his or her critical thinking skills. Four days of homework are provided each week.

English is set up the same way, but without the numerical drills. Instead, you and your student will review grade-appropriate vocabulary words along with the weekly lessons on grammar, comprehension, and writing provided in the curriculum booklet. Your student will be provided with four days of homework each week to help him or her master the topic.

After your student completes the worksheets, you will grade each day’s work using the answer key. You can record the scores on A Grade Ahead’s Parent Portal to keep track of the student’s progress. A progress report based on each month’s scores will be emailed at the beginning of the following month that allows you to see your child’s successes. You can also track your child’s progress visually via charts.

The best way to get your child started with A Grade Ahead is to register online. You can find our registration at
Once you submit the online registration form, we will confirm with you that the submission was successful and when you can expect your first Enrichment at Home package.

You don’t need to wait, you can register today! We have students enroll in our program every day. If you have questions about any topics that your student may have missed, contact one of our representatives for help.

Our worksheets also focus on more than just rote memorization and drills. Your child will practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are required in today’s world. Word problems and interactive activities reflect real-world situations to help students dive deeper into the subject.

Our Enrichment at Home program also provides flexibility. Your child can work on our math and English worksheets in the comfort of your home instead of driving him or her to a learning center or academy.

A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home program is designed for any student who wants to excel at school and standardized testing—and who does not live within a the territory of an A Grade Ahead Enrichment Academy. This provides an opportunity for students to catch up to their grade levels or be admitted into advanced or accelerated programs.

A Grade Ahead’s proprietary curriculum is written in-house by education experts and exceeds national standards. Our program doesn’t just teach your child topics, but it will also teach your child essential skills for school and life, including critical thinking and analytical skills. Topics may not be taught in the same order as your child’s school, but the same topics will be covered in our curriculum during the year. We constantly update our curriculum to keep up with ever-changing education standards.

The study packet is divided into 4 weeks. Each packet contains at least 3 new concepts and a review week. Each week contains:

  • A lesson of a topic that you should read and teach to your children. If your child is old enough, he or she can read through it before starting the worksheets.
  • Worksheets that reinforce the weekly lesson.
  • Answer keys for all the homework.

When your child completes the worksheets, the results can be entered on our Parent Portal.

Numerical drills are quick exercises that our math students complete each week to improve computational skills, speed, and accuracy. These worksheets are in addition to a separate curriculum booklet that the student receives each month. Numerical drills cover basic concepts such as addition, division, and fractions and are customized based on an individual student’s skills. English students do not receive numerical drills.

The monthly curriculum booklet contains topics related to curriculum students will see in school. On top of numerical skills in math, word problems help students apply basic concepts to real-world situations. As for English, on top of grammar and vocabulary skills, students learn comprehension and writing skills. These skills help students to develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills. Students move through the curriculum material each week, building upon their skills throughout the month with four days of homework each week.

No, we do not need an assessment for Enrichment at Home. You will select the grade level for your child to start. If he or she is ahead of his or her grade at school, you should start him or her ahead in our program. We can always make changes if the lessons are too difficult or too easy. Please call us if you believe your child is not in the correct grade level in our program.

Math and English are $50 per month, per subject. Science is $250 for the whole 16 week course or 3 installments of $90. Several discount options are available, so visit our pricing page for more details on how you can save!