High School Math: Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus (10th Grade+)

A Grade Ahead’s rigorous High School Math enrichment program is designed to challenge high school students to a higher academic standard. The curriculum provides a good understanding of higher level topics, covering six months of Algebra 2 concepts and six months of Pre-Calculus concepts including:

  • Linear equations
  • Polynomials and exponents
  • Logarithmic functions
  • Analytical trigonometry

Through numerical drills and realistic word problems, Enrichment at Home students develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills to succeed in trigonometry and beyond.

Don’t forget, your child can begin the curriculum at any time throughout the year. Start learning today!


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Month 1
Algebra 2 (Equations and inequalities; Systems of equations; Relations and functions 1)
Month 2
Algebra 2 (Relations and functions 2; Functions and inequalities; Matrices)
Month 3
Algebra 2 (Polynomials and exponents; Parabolas)
Month 4
Algebra 2 (Radicals and complex numbers; Hyperbolas; Non-linear equations)
Month 5
Algebra 2 (Ellipses; Trigonometry; Probability)
Month 6
Algebra 2 (Sequences and series; Growth, decay and logarithm)
Month 7
Pre-Calculus (Logarithmic functions; Complex numbers; Trigonometric functions)
Month 8
Pre-Calculus (Analytical trigonometry; Vectors 1)
Month 9
Pre-Calculus (Vectors 2; Matrices; Mathematical induction and binomial theorem)
Month 10
Pre-Calculus (Conics, rotation of axes, parametric equations; Polar coordinates)
Month 11
Pre-Calculus (3D coordinate system; Lines and planes in space; Introduction to limits)
Month 12
Pre-Calculus (Techniques for evaluating limits; Tangent lines and derivatives)