Pre-Algebra 2 students are now a part of our Blended Learning program, a combination of traditional pencil and paper, along with activities online.

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Pre-Algebra 2 Worksheets (7th/8th Grade)

Encourage learners to take the path towards achievement.

Using A Grade Ahead’s Pre-Algebra 2 math worksheets, we encourage our students to put effort into learning the concepts they need to succeed. The Enrichment at Home program consists of layers of content that will help students develop skills in:

  • Exponents and simplifying expressions
  • Linear equations
  • System of equations

While Pre-Algebra 2 students will not receive individualized numerical drills, they do receive rich and meaningful developed enrichment curriculum. Each step has been designed to enhance Enrichment at Home students’ abilities to calculate quickly and accurately, while dissecting word problems to find solutions.

Don’t forget, your child can begin the curriculum at any time throughout the year. Start learning today!


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Month 1
Fractions, decimals, and percents; GCF and LCM
Month 2
PEMDAS; Integers; Variable and expressions
Month 3
Exponents; Square and cube root; Scientific notation
Month 4
Metric vs. standard system; Measuring time and temperature
Month 5
Functions; Linear equations; Slope intercept form
Month 6
Systems of equations; Absolute value; Inequalities
Month 7
Polynomials; Ratio, unit rate, and proportion
Month 8
Probability; Statistics
Test Prep Month
Standardized Test Preparation
Month 9
Month 10
Pythagorean theorem; Number theory; Transformations
Month 11
Preparing to Move A Grade Ahead