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We love our parents, and our parents love us! Our parents have seen great progress in their students since joining the A Grade Ahead community. But don’t take our word for it — see for yourself in our parent testimonials and student success stories.

Enrichment at Home Student

Nilanjana Seal

A Solution for Busy Families

As a parent, finding the right educational enrichment program that fits your child’s needs as well as your own can be a challenge. Gayatri felt this as she started looking for an after-school enrichment program for her 1st grade daughter, Nilanjana. As a busy mom, she wanted to find a program that was easy for her to manage but would also enhance the quality of her daughter’s education. “I wanted to start a program that would provide an engaging curriculum without the stress of forcing my daughter to sit and do additional work after a busy day.”

Gayatri enjoys the flexibility that the Enrichment at Home program offers without diminishing the quality of her daughter’s educational experience. A Grade Ahead is the perfect balance between education and flexibility for Gayatri’s family.

A Grade Ahead’s curriculum has helped her daughter’s confidence and academic growth. “Before A Grade Ahead, Nilanjan had a hard time with math problems and now they are becoming noticeably easier.” She attributes a lot of her daughter’s progress to the real-life application that A Grade Ahead worksheets provide. “My daughter’s confidence has grown and so has mine as a parent.”

Convenience is also an important factor to Gayatri, as most busy parents understand. Gayatri enjoys that A Grade Ahead provides everything she needs to help her daughter be successful. “I love the structure and not worrying about what to teach my daughter next.” She also likes that the curriculum is mailed to her. “New England weather is harsh, and driving can be difficult. Having an affordable after-school enrichment program that is delivered to your doorstep is amazing.”

“Between the curriculum, flexibility, affordability and convenience, A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home is the perfect solution for everyone’s after-school enrichment needs.” We love that Gayatri found a solution through our program, and we are so happy that she and her family are a part of our A Grade Ahead community!


Varun Patel

From Standout Student to SAT Success

Varun Patel’s parents knew what they wanted most for their son: academic success. They enrolled Varun in A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home program at the age of 5 and began seeing academic results quickly. “My grades started increasing at such a fast pace, that it made my dad’s head spin,” Varun reflects on his time at A Grade Ahead.  


As he continued with A Grade Ahead over the years, Varun became a standout student, receiving top student awards as well as perfect scores on tests.  

“The knowledge I received at A Grade Ahead unequivocally transformed my academic career in elementary, middle school, and high school, but the true testimonial to this program was in my SAT scoring,” says Varun. He scored in the 99th percentile on his SAT.  That score alone has made his years at A Grade Ahead more valuable than his parents could have ever wished for.

“Studying with A Grade Ahead helped me build a strong foundation that I continue to build on, even to this very day. This program allowed me to reach heights that I never knew would be possible!”

*The name and picture of this student was changed per his privacy request.

Yoshanth Pranav Ramachandran

Learning Ahead of His Peers

Ravi Ramachandran loves A Grade Ahead and the growth he has seen in his son Yoshanth especially in math.

“As a parent, I feel my duty is to provide my kids with necessary study materials and quality kits when they need it the most. On that aspect, I must thank A Grade Ahead for helping kids to achieve their goal and interests.”

In the two years since Yoshanth has been enrolled in A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home program, his grades have improved, he scored well on standardized tests, including the Math Kangaroo test in Canada, and he is learning ahead of his peers.

“Yoshanth’s teachers have been impressed with his knowledge, especially with his logic. He is consistently answering correctly and then able to explain the logic to his peers.”

Ravi is proud to provide academic enrichment from A Grade Ahead to his son, and he knows that it takes consistency and dedication to excel.

“Kids never build this confidence overnight. You have to stimulate their interests by providing the appropriate materials to build self-confidence, punctuality, and dedication over time. I’m glad to say that A Grade Ahead’s syllabus and exercises are incomparable. They are helping my son reach his goals.”



Enrichment at Home Student Working Material

Nithin Reddy

No Better In-Home Enrichment Solution for Your Family

Venkati Reddy started her son in A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home program in 2013. After talking with friends, she took a break from A Grade Ahead and enrolled Nithin in another enrichment program thinking her son would learn more because it wasn’t at home. “Once leaving A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home program, my son became miserable. He disliked his new program because the homework was boring and redundant.”

The Reddy family was unhappy at the other tutoring program and came right back to A Grade Ahead where they have remained for years. “My son is learning ahead of what he will be covering in school and because of that, he feels confident when he goes into his classroom.”

We are pleased that Venkati has chosen A Grade Ahead to help her children reach their goals!

Enrichment at Home Student Excel Achieve

Ashna Arora

A Program to Tell Your Friends About

Shalini Arora was looking for an after-school enrichment program that would provide a flexible schedule while not breaking the bank. “I wanted a program that would work with our schedule. My daughter has excelled in this program because of the convenience. We work on our A Grade Ahead packets nightly, but it doesn’t take up the whole evening!

Shalini and her family travel to India in the summer, and she loves the convenience of the program. “When I know we are traveling, I call the A Grade Ahead staff and they help me prepare for our upcoming trip. I take enough material with me that my daughter stays academically engaged while we are visiting. It’s great!”

Shalini’s daughter, Ayaan, is currently in 2nd grade. “I started Ayaan in English, but this summer while on break from school, I will enroll her in both English and math. I like to ensure that both of my children stay current in their studies.”

Shalini was referred to A Grade Ahead from friends, and she has also referred quite a few friends as well. “With a program like this, it’s easy to talk about with others. Convenience and curriculum like A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home is hard to find anywhere else.”