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In February, all of our worksheets and lessons help students gain the skills and practice they need to confidently take standardized tests!


Our Enrichment at Home program makes it simple. We deliver our lessons, examples, and worksheets directly to your home by mail. Each grade level’s material is designed to promote critical thinking, reinforce essential skills, and accelerate learning.

Whether you want to bolster your student’s success in math or English, we have a program for you – with no long term contracts!

Stick around in March to see how our curriculum can transform your child’s life and move them to the head of their class!


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You will receive lessons and worksheets in one monthly package.



By completing our worksheets, your child will learn concepts needed to excel in the classroom.



Your child will then apply concepts to real-world situations using hands-on activities, word problems, and writing exercises.



Your child will complete four days of homework to reinforce the concept of the week and its application.



You will see positive results in your child’s academic performance that will translate into a successful future.

Outstanding Curriculum

Unlike other enrichment or tutoring programs, A Grade Ahead’s proprietary curriculum is constantly evolving to exceed national standards and benchmarks. We believe that foundational skills are important to master, but know that the ability to use those skills in real life scenarios is even more critical. Our curriculum ensures that our students master both.

Proven Approach

A Grade Ahead offers students the knowledge, skills, and inspiration they need to become capable and confident learners who succeed in school and life. For over 15 years, parents have been relying on our educational enrichment services, and more than 25,000 students have used our programs to excel academically and achieve their full potential.

Parent Recommended

More than 98% of A Grade Ahead parents would recommend our program to others. They believe they are giving their children a gift that will help them reach their future goals. Here are just a few of their comments:

“A Grade Ahead is a parent’s peace of mind.”
– Kiran, parent in Florida

“I love A Grade Ahead. One day my child is going to thank me for this great opportunity!”
– Malathi, parent in Ohio

“A Grade Ahead is a wonderful program which gives the best at an affordable fee structure.”
– Revathy, parent in Illinois



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A Grade Ahead's Proprietary Curriculum

Reinforces essential skills

Challenges and rewards

Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Prepares for standardized testing

Applies concepts to real-world problems

Aligns with national standards

  • Numerical Fluency
  • Skills Practice
  • Word Problems
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Number Sense
  • Counting
  • Handwriting
  • Phonics
  • Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Experiments


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Enrichment at Home Pricing

No contracts required!




One-time, non-refundable.





Year–Round Curriculum
Monthly Fee
Year–Round Curriculum


Monthly Fee


Year–Round Curriculum


Monthly Fee



Discounts Available

6–Month Advanced Payment

  • Pay $241.50 for one subject up front — a savings of $34.50!
  • Receive 6 months of curriculum

Second Subject

  • Take both math and English and save $4/month on the second subject ($46 + $42 = $88/month)

Auto Pay

  • Provide your credit card to charge each month and save 5% off of your total monthly fee.

Only the Second Subject and Auto Pay discounts can be combined.

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No required contracts.

Only $46 per month.

Discounts available.

Pay month to month or save by paying in advance for six months.

Take up to three months of break per year.

Take worksheets with you on vacation!

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