Nilanjana Seal

Gayatri enjoys the flexibility that the Enrichment at Home program offers without diminishing the quality of her daughter’s educational experience. A Grade Ahead is the perfect balance between education and flexibility for Gayatri’s family.

A Grade Ahead’s curriculum has helped her daughter’s confidence and academic growth. “Before A Grade Ahead, Nilanjan had a hard time with math problems and now they are becoming noticeably easier.” She attributes a lot of her daughter’s progress to the real-life application that A Grade Ahead worksheets provide. “My daughter’s confidence has grown and so has mine as a parent.”

Convenience is also an important factor to Gayatri, as most busy parents understand. Gayatri enjoys that A Grade Ahead provides everything she needs to help her daughter be successful. “I love the structure and not worrying about what to teach my daughter next.” She also likes that the curriculum is mailed to her. “New England weather is harsh, and driving can be difficult. Having an affordable after-school enrichment program that is delivered to your doorstep is amazing.”

“Between the curriculum, flexibility, affordability and convenience, A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home is the perfect solution for everyone’s after-school enrichment needs.” We love that Gayatri found a solution through our program, and we are so happy that she and her family are a part of our A Grade Ahead community!

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