Ashna Arora

Shalini and her family travel to India in the summer, and she loves the convenience of the program. “When I know we are traveling, I call the A Grade Ahead staff and they help me prepare for our upcoming trip. I take enough material with me that my daughter stays academically engaged while we are visiting. It’s great!”

Shalini’s daughter, Ayaan, is currently in 2nd grade. “I started Ayaan in English, but this summer while on break from school, I will enroll her in both English and math. I like to ensure that both of my children stay current in their studies.”

Shalini was referred to A Grade Ahead from friends, and she has also referred quite a few friends as well. “With a program like this, it’s easy to talk about with others. Convenience and curriculum like A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home is hard to find anywhere else.”

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